About the Tegan and Sara Foundation

The Tegan and Sara Foundation fights for health, economic justice and representation for LGBTQ girls and women. This mission is founded on a commitment to feminism and racial, social and gender justice. In partnership and solidarity with other organizations fighting for LGBTQ and women's rights, the Foundation raises awareness and funds to address the inequalities currently preventing LGBTQ girls and women from reaching their full potential. This work is critically important because…

LGBTQ women have higher rates of gynecological cancer, depression, obesity, suicide and tobacco/alcohol abuse. Discriminatory laws, provider bias, insurance exclusions and inadequate reproductive health coverage leave 29% of LGBTQ women struggling to pay for health insurance. 

A quarter of lesbian women live in poverty. LGB women of color are three times more likely to live in poverty than their white peers. Transgender women are four times more likely to have a household income under $10,000 and twice as likely to be unemployed. One in five transgender women has reported being homeless at some point.

Less than 1% of TV characters are lesbians. In 2016, 25 queer female characters were killed on-screen – continuing a decades-long trend. 

About Tegan and Sara

Twin sisters born in Canada, Tegan and Sara have sold more than one million albums, and have received seven Gold certifications, one Double Platinum certification, three Juno Awards, two Polaris Prize nominations, and a Grammy nomination. They have performed on some of the world’s biggest stages, from the 2015 Oscar Telecast to major festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza and Glastonbury. 

Tegan and Sara have openly identified as queer since the beginning of their career in 1998, and have been outspoken feminist advocates for LGBTQ equality and gender justice. The essential message that underpins their worldview and identity is inclusion. The Tegan And Sara Foundation is an extension of their work, identity and longstanding commitment to supporting and building progressive social change. 

What does the Tegan and Sara Foundation do?

The Tegan and Sara Foundation utilizes Tegan and Sara's popularity and reach to raise awareness and funds for LGBTQ issues and organizations. Recognizing that great inequities exist and that we are stronger together, the Foundation activates and unites influencers, fans and organizations to address the cultural and institutional barriers that oppress queer women.

While the LGBTQ community has won significant battles in recent years, including marriage equality, the fight for LGBTQ rights is far from over. The Tegan and Sara Foundation raises funds for outstanding and typically underfunded organizations such as those listed in the donations section, and conducts programs such as convening leading queer women from varied sectors to learn, network and collaborate.

Why LGBTQ girls and women?

Investing in girls and women creates positive change for them and their entire communities yet gender inequality – particularly in the LGBTQ community – persists, with LGBTQ women being some of the most economically and socially disadvantaged.

The Tegan and Sara Foundation launched in October 2016 following a nationwide “listening and learning tour”, during which Tegan and Sara met with LGBTQ young people, researchers, legislators and leading nonprofit organizations. This tour increased their frustration as they learned just how underfunded, underrepresented and under researched LGBTQ women are. Realizing that funding for gay men’s causes accounts for twice that of queer women’s, the Foundation was born out of a desire to change these statistics and improve lives.

Where do donations go?

Donations fund programs centered on research, public education, and support services that build long-term well-being, and advocacy. Past work includes:

  • Helped Zebra Coalition and Orlando LGBTQ Center expand their counseling services for LGBTQ youth in response to spikes in suicide hotlines calls by LGBTQ young people.

  • Rallied against anti-LGBTQ legislation in North Carolina by supporting Equality North Carolina.

  • Supported the Audre Lorde Project’s community support initiatives for LGBTQ people, including support circles, health and wellness programming, and safe neighborhood initiatives for LGBTQ people of color.

  • Partnered with DonorsChoose.org to increase LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum in public schools.

  • Educated concert attendees about healthcare options for LGBTQ women with educational materials.

  • Hosted LGBTQ youth at performances in cities, including Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Orlando.

  • Activated fans during Tegan and Sara’s Stop Desire tour to support local LGBTQ organizations.

Where do you work?

The Tegan and Sara Foundation currently funds organizations in North America and plans for future expansion to additional areas where LGBTQ women are marginalized.

How do I apply for a grant?

As we are a small team, we cannot currently accept unsolicited proposals.The majority of our grants are made to tax-exempt organizations that are independently identified by our staff.

We do not fund grants to individuals, building or capital campaigns or political campaigns. We select nonprofit partners doing transformative work for LGBTQ girls and women.