The Audre Lorde Project

The Tegan and Sara Foundation supports The Audre Lorde Project's community support initiatives for LGBTQ people, including support circles, health and wellness programming and safe neighborhood initiatives for LGBTQ people of color.


The Tegan and Sara Foundation is partnering with DonorsChoose.Org to increase access to LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum in public schools nationwide.

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Equality North Carolina Foundation

The Tegan and Sara Foundation supports the following programs of Equality North Carolina Foundation: Transgender Speakers Bureau Training Program, Equality Means Business Program and the Community Education Program. 

Egale Canada

The Tegan and Sara Foundation supports Egale Canada's Two Spirits, One Voice community-based initiative that seeks to bolster support for persons that identify both as LGBTQ and Indigenous – Two Sprit people. 



Native Youth Sexual Health Network

The Tegan and Sara Foundation supports Native Youth Sexual Health Network's front-line community work serving Indigenous and two-spirit people in Canada.

Zebra Coalition

The Tegan and Sara Foundation funded six months of transportation for youth to access school, employment, medical and mental health counseling appointments at Zebra Coalition.